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Seychelles Bank Accounts: Set up an Easy Offshore Bank Account Effortlessly

In the recent years, people have started inquiring about Seychelle bank accounts and offshore banking. Seychelles is popular for the financial service sectors and offshore company formation. It is famous due to the introduction of 0% Seychelles tax company policy as well. The Central Bank of Seychelles was earlier known as Seychelles Monetary Authority. 15 years back, the government announced the development of offshore banking sector.


Seychelles Bank Services

Licenses are issued separately for domestic and offshore formation setup banking by the authorities, but in some cases, they are issued together. The Seychelles banking companies are exempted from taxes for 20 years from the license date. One can open an account in these offshore banks by giving in required documents. The services that they can get are foreign exchange, deposits, credit, fund management, investment and corporate administration etc. The offshore banks operate in countries like New Zealand, Hong Kong, Bahamas, Singapore, Switzerland etc.

Save money through Seychelles offshore bank accounts

Individuals and companies take the advantage of Seychelles offshore formation to stay away from taxes and save their income and assets. They also can remain hidden from the tax authorities easily. The other reason why people prefer to have Seychelles bank accounts for offshore is the easy cash flow of interest on the paid deposits. With little or no tax, individuals and firms can save more on money. People who travel frequently use the offshore formation setup which benefits them to have money in different locations safely.

Seychelles: A Tax Haven for Companies

People prefer to have an Seychelles offshore formation of their company is due to better infrastructure, good investment opportunities and as noted above, it is a tax haven. Investors can take the advantage of speedy services, low maintenance, confidentiality and a simple account setup which can assist in increasing money due to good interest rates.

Due to the simple bank account laws, one can open a Seychelles account effortlessly and reap benefits.


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